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Chinese shoes Network May 25 hearing, "Beijing Hualian Supermarket Sale of a store on the second floor area has a lot of Nike, Adidas, special steps such as selling brand sports shoes, but none is genuine, all is a fake." Readers Wang yesterday to find when shopping to make him wonder, "This well-known large supermarkets also open to sell counterfeit goods, do not mislead consumers?" Mr. Wang said, he went to China yesterday Fulltime supermarket, found on its second floor, marked with shelves stocked with well-known trade Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping marks of Nike, Adidas and other sports shoes, the price is very cheap, at between 30 to 40 yuan. Mr. Wang said, just beginning to see, I thought it really such a good thing, but a closer observation, found these shoes workmanship, poor materials, Wang doubt, "like the famous supermarkets actually openly sold generic products, also played notices do activities, is likely to mislead consumers, some irresponsible, right? " Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the supermarket, see the second floor there is a sale area shoe cheap jordans for sale mens s on the shelves, as described Wang as many are printed with Nike, Adidas, and other brands of Xtep LOGO, not looking deceptively pretty big. When a reporter questioned the supermarket Purchasing Guide, Purchasing Guide admit not genuine, just posted the brand LOGO only. Subsequently, the reporter to the first floor of the store to the Xtep brand Purchasing Guide proposes Hualian sell imitation shoes Xtep its Purchasing Guide, said:. "This is normal," Reporters later linked to Nike agents in Hefei, the person said the mar cheap jordans online ket now fake a lot of things, a lot of big stores have. Support Beijing Hualian yuan a store, he said that the phenomenon of selling fake goods stores have a lot, they did not indicate that he is selling the brand, but only with the brand's design on products only. industry and commerce department said that if these shoes really is a trademark of other brands, it is possible to alleged trademark infringement, the public can call 12315 to report, the business sector will go to the scene forensics, be processed according to Cheap air jordans for sale the actual situation. 148 willow harvest duty counsel said that if this product does use the trademark to other brands, and misleading to consumers, alleged trademark infringement, the company holds the trademark may require supermarkets to stop infringement and compensation for consequential loss, if the consumer who have a significant impact, consumers can demand laser pattern rich in white shoe, silver ornament details collocation blue crystal bottom. The tongue of Jumpman Logo tag in 3M reflective form cheap jordans for sale to create, add a lot of highlights. or will be in February 7th next year on sale, we bring real HD picture, preview! item: 705333-105001IzPVqzy786KV3zR9a3& amp; 690.jpeg (166.32 KB, download number: 2) download Lining Wade team is 4 2017-1-19 22:46 upload recently, news about the production of China's footwear products has reached 10 billion pairs has been published in newspapers and newspapers, and has aroused great concern from all walks of life. In an interview with the media Chinese Association of leather sho Retro jordans for sale e office director Wei Yafei the day before, to calmly look at this figure. Excessive production is a pressure on the Chinese market and the world market, and the sustainable development of China's footwear industry should pay more attention to the competitive advantages of domestic and foreign markets. Excessive production to make the footwear industry to speed up industrial restructuring, and explore new models of industry development has become more urgent, and this is also the next few years the footwear industry to take Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the road of brand development, and further strengthen the key". industry advantages and disadvantages Wei, Asia and Africa stressed that "calm" has its own reason. 20 years of reform and opening up, China's footwear industry to seize the development opportunities of world shoe manufacturing center to China transfer, make full use of their own are in production costs, labor resources and raw materials supply and other advantages, and constantly improve the industrial chain and supporting facilities, pro cheap foamposites duction capacity increased. Now the Chinese footwear industry, after the completion of the equipment and the introduction of large-scale technical transformation, formed a complete industrial chain at the same time, also has the processing capacity of any country can not be compared, with labor costs and processing relatively low skill relatively high labor team. should appreciate more than that. At present, the whole industry has been to create a regional concentration of production, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Huizhou, C cheap jordan shoes for men hengdu Wuhou shoes, Guangdong shoes, Fujian shoes and other leather shoes and travel shoes; in the breed of 27 China brand-name products; in the industry gave birth to the quality, scale, brand winning 6 China leading shoe king and 8 real leather shoes Wang and 25 leather shoes; forming capacity of 10 billion pairs, accounting for more than 50% of the total output of the world footwear products, to become the world's largest footwear producers, exporters and consumers. according to Wei Yafei introduction, at present, the Retro jordans for sale billions of shoes produced in China there are nearly 8 billion pairs for export, the products for the domestic market consumption. In the third quarter of 2007, China exported 6 billion 440 million pairs of footwear products, earning US $18 billion 360 million, with an average price of US $2.85, an increase of 10.4% and 15.9% respectively over the same period in 2006. The concern is, by the impact of EU anti-dumping, January 2007 to September, China's leather shoes export volume for 9 consecutive months of negative growth, the proportion of the number of shoes exports decreased by 2.4% compared to 2006, the amount of exports fell by 1.8%, which will directly affect the competitiveness of China footwear products in the international market. Affected by the upgrading of domestic consumption, the number of domestic shoes imported at the same period increased by more than 50%. Of these, 200)Ray-Ban recently announced a new Squared Clubmaster sunglasses, classic Havana mirror contour paragraph as the basis to build, and the tortoise, acetate fiber and other material to build, with dark green and Brown Gradient crystal lenses, a fashion mirror bring urban style without losing male traits. American brand Ray-Ban masculine fashion sunglasses mirror modelsThe Air Jordan 1 classic shoes legendary color, many fans believe that the first reaction is "Chicago" in color if things go on like this topic, but also a "Black Toe" the same popularity high, recently received the news, this double color will be re released. Still protect the most iconic Air Jordan 1 features about this type of shoes, two popular color "Black Toe" is the biggest characteristic of the black leather toe design features throughout the whole, more conducive to the daily collocation. In the style, in combination with the white bottom red outsole is easy with the Swoosh symbol with the shoes side and "wing" Logo highlights the main details, or bright spots. It is reported that this Air Jordan 1 "Black Toe" will be on the shelves of South Korea's official website, if you are interested, also need a Korean friend to help buy.

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